Who We Are

Company History and Biographical Information

Formed in August 2004, Premier Realty Advisors, LLC was incorporated in Miami, Florida and controlled by two Managing Partners, Steve Stenmark and Matt Nine. The two later formed Campus Real Estate Solutions, LLC. The business model for Campus Real Estate Solutions includes the acquisition and development of corporate leased and speculative properties, as well as brokerage, property management, construction and consulting services on a select basis. The company focuses primarily on the real estate needs and assets of Education providers.

Steve and Matt have a combined 35+ years of experience facilitating corporate real estate transactions, investment transactions and real estate development in markets throughout the country. During their years of experience they also managed numerous corporate real estate portfolios with a large amount of leased and owned properties.

Prior to working with Campus Real Estate, Steve was the Chief Financial Officer of the Associate Degree Division (ADD) of Whitman Education Group, Inc. (WEG). The ADD was comprised of Ultrasound Diagnostic Schools and Sanford Brown Colleges, both based in Miami, Florida. WEG was acquired by Career Education Corporation effective in July, 2003. During his tenure with WEG Steve was responsible for all corporate real estate activities, as well as managing corporate accounting functions such as financial statement reporting, forecasts and public filings. Steve was also the CFO for a major national development firm, with responsibilities related to the development and oversight of various single family home and commercial build-outs, as well as the restructuring and workout of various loan portfolios in excess of $450 million.

Also prior to Campus Real Estate, Matt worked as a partner with PRG Realty Partners, L.P. in Dallas, Texas, a commercial real estate investments and services company. During his time with PRG he participated in multiple investment transactions including corporate build-to-suits, speculative office development, and medium to large scale office building transactions. He has worked with two major national real estate service firms, and in-house with Associates First Capital (now Citigroup). He began his career at Southern Pacific Railroad, where his primary responsibilities revolved around managing large surplus property portfolios.